A Proper Welcome!

shippingWelcome to the ranch!  A place of happiness, children laughing, love, cattle production, and a meal on the table.  It isn’t odd to find kids running around playing bucking horses, the rancher working on something while the kids play, and me preparing the evening’s supper.  This place is our dream.  My husband and I have worked hard side by side to build the operation we have today.  Most nights I am running inside, washing the dirt off my hands, in a mad dash to get dinner on the table to make our memories around the table.  My family and I welcome you into a piece of our paradise as I share these meals and our life with you.

How it Started

This isn’t the story of how my husband and I got started, but how the idea of all this came about.  As I was planning meals by the week, I had interest from several people about what the week had in store to eat.  I was trying to figure out how to share this in the easiest fashion with those who had asked , and the idea of starting a blog came to mind.  The funny part of that is I am the most technologically challenged person you will ever meet.  So between the lack of computer knowledge and slow internet, I welcome you on this adventure with me!

The Idea

This isn’t just a listing of recipes.  My idea is to compose a 4 day dinner plan (and only 4 because I get to pick something up in town on Thursday due to dance night!  Some nights I think that night should be a national holiday!)  complete with links to recipes (I love to cook, but very few of the recipes I use are my own because I am not that creative) and a grocery shopping list for the week’s meals. Look for the following weeks plans on Fridays. This just seemed like a good day to post them with the thinking that the weekend makes a great time to do some early meal time prep.   I usually wing the weekend meals or clean up leftovers, so any new weekend recipes I will include as they come.   Everything you need will be right there at your fingertips and easy to make dinnertime a time of family togetherness, just like here on the ranch.  And of course I will include stories from the day and activities on the ranch as we go.


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