A Bad Connection

I had a wonderful week of meals planned, but the internet had other plans.  I stayed up late last night so I could have most of the writing done before the kids woke up this morning.  I promise it was genius, probably the best writing I have done so far.  I lost all of it!  Every word!  A bad internet connection caused nothing to get saved.  My genius is gone!  With a potty training toddler I will not be able to sit in my mother-in-laws extremely clean house and rewrite everything, and I am sure what I remember to write wont be as wonderful as the genius that was lost.  I will hopefully be able to work on this again tonight after the kids go to bed.   But that is just life on the prairie.

In a world that so technologically advanced, being the technology underdog is a concept most people don’t understand.  A bad internet and phone connection happens more than one could imagine. I can remember when my rancher first moved to Texas.  The house he bought had a phone line.  He had a level of excitement that I didn’t understand at the time.  I understand now.  Trying to communicate with people on the world wide web or by email is never an easy way for people in no mans land.  Yet for those that live here, it is just one more obstacle we will overcome!



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