about picThe Rancher’s Wife

I have been involved in ranching all my life.  Some might say it was bred into me.  It is in my blood and genes.  There are many aspects of the ranch life that I love: the business of ranching, the traditional family values I was taught, unconditional love for people, land, animals, hard work, and somewhat clean living.  This life isn’t the story you see on tv or read in romance novels with the handsome cowboy riding up on his beautiful paint horse over rolling hills to sweet talk his future love and leave her in the sunset.  It is about surviving all elements: love, weather, finances(or lack thereof), and hoping you survive to do it all again tomorrow or the next buying cycle.

Growing up with a busy family, the day ended with dinner.  All of us: mom, dad, and two sisters sat around the dinner table discussing the day’s challenges and successes.  This was the only time of the day that allowed the time for us all to come together.  Oh, the stories my mom’s table could tell.

Eventually in life, I found a man who captured my heart and he happened to be a rancher, too.  Not only did I fall in love with him at first sight, but I fell in love with his daughter before I even met her.  We married and had an instant happy (most of the time) family.  They were mine and I was theirs.  Dinner time was one of the traditions that I was able to bring to the table; literally.  It was the time we gathered to tell about the events of the day.  As our family grew from three to six, the only thing that has changed about dinnertime is we have just added a little chaos with the younger kids and changed our card table and folding chairs to real table with real chairs that are easy to clean.  Even if it is a little bit wild at times, we still enjoy the time around our table laughing, crying, telling stories, and catching up on the day’s events.

Whether I have been out helping on the ranch or hauling a daughter to dance or basketball, I try to have a nice meal for us to enjoy.  After birthing three children and gaining a little bit of weight from my happy life, I decided to start making some lifestyle changes to the meals I put on the table.  With that decision came the proper meal planning to make those changes.  I found out how much time was consumed by having to plan these meals and grocery lists, and going through recipes and figuring out what I need to make the meal.   Living eighteen miles from the nearest grocery store takes a little bit of organization.  Immediately when I started telling people about my efforts in meal planning, they wanted me to share.

The idea of the blog was formed.  I hope to share our family time with you along with the ways I use to make the meals a little more cost effective and in a timely manner.  I hope to help people learn easy ways to prepare the tastiest product, beef, with a little bit of yard bird (chicken) thrown in here and there, because we have to get them off the market somehow.

With all that said, welcome to our – and now your – family dinner!  I hope you enjoy the time together around the table making memories and messes as we do.  So whether it is a card table and folding chairs or a fancy formal dining table, ring the dinner bell, turn off the cell phone, gather the family, and pull up a chair.  It’s time for dinner.


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